Welcome to ETG Clan

Welcome to ETG (European Top Gamers) CLAN ! Enjoy our Website and have fun ,thats all what counts.

The ETG Clan is a group of people which decided to create their own gaming community. From time to time the ETG Clan is getting more popular and new members are joining. It's very important for us to support as many games as possible, thats the reason why we are owner of many different gameplay server. If you are interrested at an ETG Membership feel free to join us.

Supported Games

Action Games:

   Call of Duty Modern Warfare
   Call of Duty World at War
   Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
   Call of Duty Black Ops
   Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3
   Call of Duty Black Ops 2
   Borderlands 2
   Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Multiplayer

Strategy Games:

   Armies of Exigo

Other Games:


You will also find ETG Members in many other games, the games above are only the most common games.


Server shutdown on 29.02.2016

Its time to say goodbye. After more then 4 years of running multiple game Servers the time has come to an end.

It was an really hard decision but after long talks with our main stuff team we deiced that we will shot down all Servers on 29.02.2016. The main reason of this was that I (MarioG1) have stopped playing Minecraft for some months and don't want to pay for the Server anymore. I hope you respect our decision.

Minecraft Server

I know that most of you spend lots of time building very huge and nice Buildings on our server. Therefore you can download all Maps at there current state (01.01.2016).

If anyone wants to take over the management/hosting of this server I'm willing to give you all plugins + configurations so you can set up the sever on a new host. Just send me an E-mail etg-clan@gmx.net

It was a great time to play together with all of you. And I have to thank all of our great stuff members to support this server for that many years.....


Old Builder Map

9 Months ago the 1.7 Update take place. Since then we have a new Builder Map.

Now it's time to finally remove the old Builder Map from our server. Most houses are already moved to the new Map and the houses which aren't moved are not needed by anyone anymore. It's not possible to get houses from the old map back to the new map anymore.

All those players who want the old map as a memento for the old times can download the map here (2GB).


1.7.6 and name changing

Mojang has planned to add the possibility to change your nickname for years. Finally they announced an release "date".

All the technical stuff in the background to support name changing will be included in 1.7.6 but you can't change your nickname before 1.8.

To support name changing on our server we have to switch to online mode. This means the only people you have bought Minecraft can join the server. We will do this during the 1.7.6 update. I hope everybody how plays on this server will buy Minecraft before 1.7.6. Minecraft it's a great game and 20EUR isn't that much.

I have to say goodbye to everyone who isn't planning to buy Minecraft before 1.7.6. It was a great time....

If you hate our decision you can vote here


Server Migration (14.02.2014 - 16.02.2014)

We are migration our whole server to a new host. During the migration process the server will not be reachable for some time.

If everything works fine the migration should be over one Sunday (16.02.2014) morning.

1.7 Update

Hey everyone!

We have finally updated our Minecraft server to 1.7.4

Due to the fact that it would take ages to copy all houses to the new map we decided that we will run the old and the new map at the same time. If we have time we'll move your houses to the new map.

Chunk generation is disabled on the old builder map this means that if you want to see new biomes you have to build on the new builder map.

We have reached the 100 Members border!

Here is our 100 Members Minecraft Special
Special thanks to everybody who has supported us!!!